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SXSW X AOTP (all over the place)

Took a few days off from work for SXSW. My first official SXSW event was on Sunday.  I went to a meet-up or meet and greet.  Then, today (Monday) I went to pick up my music wristband, but they’re not available until tomorrow (later today now as I type this past midnight).  Got ahead of myself.

Thought I’d feel overwhelmed, but I kind of liked walking the streets with all the other SXXombies.  It took me back to when I was an undergrad in film school and volunteered for my first 2 years at UT before graduating.   It was big then and it’s just huge now. 

It does make me feel all over the place.  As I’ve stated in previous posts, I am “in between” projects.  I have all these ideas, but I want to choose the right one and execute it well, of course. 

Went to a screening of Girls, upcoming HBO series by 20-something wunderkind, Lena Dunham, who was a SXSW success story a couple of years ago with her film, Tiny Furniture.  We got to see 3 episodes. I stood in the ticket line and was able to get in.  It was at the Paramount and it does seat a lot of people. 

This girl has her stuff together (at least her career stuff as she admitted to being a mess in other areas of her life in the aftershow Q&A).  Made me feel like an over-the-hill loser.  The new show is produced by Judd Apatow.  He was there, too.  And quite funny.

The show was good.  Irreverent and quirky with a lot of sex.  It is HBO, after all.  A lot of male asses, which I’m not complaining about.  Kind of like Sex and the City for the post-collegiate set, which they were clever to reference in the pilot episode.  Not as together as those ladies; more clueless than anything. Tackles a lot of serious issues like pregnancy and STDs. 

Oh!  And it was funny.  I think it’s important to say that, but I mean it.  I found myself laughing out loud more than once.   And, a lot of externalized internal What?!? moments also.  They hooked me with all the male ass, but two of the girls dancing to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” sealed the deal.

Is it just pathetic that as a 30-something-year-old male I feel as lost and misguided as and am still searching for purpose as much as these fictional 20-something females?

Anyway, just ended the night with another meet-up or meet and greet.  Not sure what the proper vernacular is here.  Really they’re happy hours.  Let’s just face it.  So, I ended the day with another happy hour.

More SXSW X AOTP madness tomorrow.

Good night!

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